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A Guide to Buy a Retired Home in India

The joint family system in India has witnessed a gradual shift in these years. Earlier people used to live in their homes or close to them. But due to the change in lifestyle and the need to explore their career as well as educational possibilities, people have to leave their homes and cities for a new place. When this dynamic shift happens, the elderly parents are supposed to stay back in certain conditions. So, to make their life easy, the children invest in a retirement home or a senior citizen residency so that they are not left out alone in the world. To make this possible, real estate builders have been focusing on bringing the concept of senior citizen living that is completely different from an old age home. This concept is introduced to support the needs of senior citizens.

A senior living home is one of the fastest emerging residential homes that have a great difference from a conventional old age home. They are residential multi-unit complexes designed especially for seniors. These could be also called retirement hubs. They offer every amenity that is essential for seniors including medical facilities. An active elderly individual can live in this type of society carefree from other individuals. So, if you are planning to buy a senior citizen residential property or a retired hub for your parents or relatives, the following guide will help you.

The Furnishing and Design

A senior citizens residence must have the following features such as anti-skid tiles, and grab rails in critical areas of the house, must be wheelchair friendly, the walls must be modified to prevent injuries and the property must have conventionally located fixtures and fittings like big switches or wall – mounted night lamps.

Maintenance and Housekeeping Services

For the healthy living of a senior citizen make sure that the property offers maintenance and housekeeping services. They must provide full-time medical assistance, especially in case of emergencies. They should offer room services and meals catered by in-house dining facilities for the ones in need. The property must provide transportation needs and must take care of daily chores, laundry, housekeeping and sometimes grooming if necessary. The apartment must have an electrician or plumber available at every time. In case of any emergency, they must find alternatives.

Should Provide Health Services

The health condition of senior citizens must be given more importance. So, real estate developers try to provide huge safety measures within the apartment units with staff equipped to handle medical emergencies. Not just physical assistance they must provide staffs who can assist them with their emotional needs also. They should try to keep the senior citizens mentally and physically fit to face every obstacle and challenge that are on their way. The property must have ambulance services, a doctor on standby, and other equipment to handle medical emergencies.

Convenient Location and Connectivity

Make sure that the property you choose is not far away from any well-equipped reputed hospital. The property must also have good connectivity like any other residential property to ensure that they are connected with the rest of the world and including shopping centers, malls, theatres, and anything that they prefer.

Essential Amenities

The amenities that are essential for senior citizens are completely different from the amenities that are needed for others. So, while you hunt for the perfect retired home make sure to keep this factor in. A retirement home must focus on providing serenity and calmness throughout the residential property and not invest in fancy gyms. But make sure to have a meditation and yoga area. It should promote wellness everywhere. It will be ideal if the property contains a fully equipped library, entertainment centers, walking paths, massage rooms and spas, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and many other amenities that cater to the needs and requirements of senior citizens.

Check Other Residents in the Community

This is a crucial factor. You must make sure to know about the other residents in the residential property, to know whether your family can get along with them or they must not compromise or adjust on any factor. Give the final authority to them to choose their retirement home.

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Akil Yadav

Akil Yadav is a seasoned real estate professional with extensive experience in managing and executing successful real estate projects. With a background in architecture and design, He has a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the real estate market.

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