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Different Types of Real Estate Homes You Should Know

Before investing in a residential property, you might be confused about choosing the right property. With plenty of options available in the market, this process can get tiring and exhausting at times. But by understanding your priorities, needs and requirements you could choose a residential property that will work for you and your family. The different types of property available in the real estate market are houses, apartments, townhouses, villas, plots and many more. In order to get a proper understanding of these variants in residential options let us distinguish them on the basis of their features. Prestige Park Grove is a residential complex of apartments consisting of 2, 3 and 4 BHK Apartments.


Houses are buildings that stands freely on their independent piece of land and they are probably the most common residential property available in the real estate market. Houses are mainly of two kinds detached houses and semi – detached houses. A detached house is a stand alone, one family residence which is not attached to any neighbouring houses. The house is completely freestanding in its own land and is always the most expensive kind of residential property. While a semi – detached house is one that is joined to another by a common wall that they share. But they have their own house and block of land.


Apartments are buildings that have a lot of different units within them and are different from houses. Apartments share common internal and external spaces. Apartments are owned by different persons within a same building and each unit owners share common spaces with others among the same building. Here you do not technically own the roof or the building’s exterior but you have complete ownership of the walls you have purchased. An apartment usually comes in different sizes and configuration and will have all kinds of amenities that you can share with the community living in the same building.


Townhouses are row houses which are attached to each other. These properties are in a common piece of land or complex hence you have to share it with the other people living there. Townhouses are usually a mixture of houses that are huge. They are perfect for modern families as they provide the utmost comfort and convenience to the residential community. Usually in townhouses, the builder or developer design the exterior features and maintain it in terms of coloring and architecture. Today many people prefer such types of residential spaces.


A villa is a type of independent residential property built on a large area of land and is isolated from the surroundings and it comes in a closed boundary with many units. Villas are mainly three types such as single, semi – detached and adjacent villas. Each one of them has different features. Adjacent villas are the most commonly seen villa in the Indian real estate sector. They are built next to each other in a series. They usually have uniformity in architecture and design forming an aesthetic rich whole. A villa is equipped with all the amenities providing a comfortable and convenient life within its boundaries and are accessible for every villa owner living in the same boundary. 


A bungalow is a one story house, cabin, or cottage. They often include an additional half story, usually with a sloped roof. There are many kinds of bungalows and the common features of the bungalow include a dormer window and a veranda. They offer more privacy as they are lower to the ground and the windows can be easily blocked by trees, shrubs and fences. They tend to occupy a larger area on the ground since they do not extend upwards.

When you are a first time home buyer, you usually tend to confuse with the options available. You must understand your needs and requirements and choose wisely. If you need your own place and space to do what ever you want then a detached house would suit you. If you like the idea of community living as there you can expect a lot of amenities and facilities than which are available in an independent house, there you can choose an apartment. You can also by a plot and develop your own house matching your taste and preferences

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