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Different Types of Real Estate Properties Available in Bangalore

Bangalore is home to various IT parks and tech hubs, thus the city provides huge employment opportunities to people from all over the world. When a massive population migrates to the city, they need residential space. People are also interested in Bangalore real estate for investment purposes too. As the city is rich in infrastructure it is a great option to invest in any residential property in Bangalore as the investor will benefit from it. The appreciation value for residential properties is also increasing in Bangalore, thus a great profitable return could be expected in the future.

As the city offers various kinds of residential properties, investors and new home buyers usually get confused about choosing the perfect property for them. To understand what each kind of property serves and to understand what works best for you, here are the different types of properties available in Bangalore. Prestige Park Grove is an upcoming Apartment project in Whitefield Bangalore.

Flats and apartments

Flats and apartments are the common properties available in Bangalore. They are housing units in large buildings that usually occupy one story. An apartment or flat is available in 1BHK, 2BHK, or 3BHK units in various sizes provided by the builder of any particular property. They are the most preferred residential space in Bangalore, as they come with various amenities and facilities that are shared by the members living in other units on the same property.


Villas are huge stand-alone houses within a gated community. They are independent properties standing within their own piece of land but belong to a cluster of other villas which look alike and have the same features within the same community. Just in an apartment villa also get to share a plethora of amenities and facilities with other members of the same community that is restricted within them. Villas are usually luxurious dwelling places, but now affordable villas are also available in Bangalore.

Studio Room

This is a type of home chosen by working individuals or students in Bangalore. They are also known as RK which is derived from Room and Kitchen. They are compartmentalized so they do not have any extra space for living or sitting areas other than a bedroom and kitchen. They are very compact and efficient, and it will be hard to accommodate more than one person in a studio apartment. They are common among students and individual employers who do not have to take care of such things other than their work and studies.

Independent Houses

Independent house is the most popular and common type of residential property which could be found in Bangalore. It can have any number of rooms and will be usually single-storeyed or double-storeyed residential properties. They are located on an independent piece of land, are not shared with any others, and will have their own separate boundary wall. Both the house and the plot belong to one person. It is usually the most common type of property used as an investment. In Bangalore, they are chosen second to apartments. They provide the ultimate privacy to the residents.


Penthouses are luxury residential spaces that are located on the highest floor of an apartment building. They have unique luxury features compared to other apartment units in the same building. Even though a penthouse is located in an apartment building, it offers a personal and private feel that is found in an independent house.

Farm Houses

Farmhouses are usually vacation houses or second homes. They will be situated adjacent to or within an agricultural or any domestic farm. It has an exceptional environment covered in greenery and will be far away from a busy city usually on the outskirts. A farmhouse usually provides a passive income from the farm also


Bungalows are the most expensive and luxurious properties available everywhere. Bungalows have many rooms and a lot of space within them. They are usually single-storeyed huge residential properties. The major characteristic feature of a bungalow is that it has sloped roofs.

These are the different types of properties available in Bangalore. You can buy a plot or build yourself an independent house or can choose any other from any reputed builder or developer as there are many options available today.

Types of real estate in Bangalore
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