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Features That Might Not Add Value to Your Home

Home is just more than a place to live. Investing in a home is the greatest financial decision that one ever makes. Your interests and taste could change from time to time. So, it is common that you to upgrade your home for a better option in every way. A property’s value gets increased over time especially if it is in a prime location. Making some improvements to the place you live in can further increase its value when it comes time to sell the property.

A well-maintained property could fetch you a larger amount. You can renovate the place you live in and increase the value of the property even if you do not want to sell it. The major ways in which you can add value to your home are by doing certain things such as decluttering your home, making it more energy efficient, making your home more presentable by painting, maintaining your lawn and garden, through renovating your interiors and exteriors and by many various methods and the list is never-ending.
But there are certain factors you must consider before investing in your home, to increase its value. It is stated that the profit you gain after selling your home must be thrice the total amount you have invested in it to increase its value.

This may not be possible if you go beyond your limits and add expensive features to increase the value of your home. You may not be getting good returns than you have expected and the property can also remain unsold. Thus, to prevent this from happening you must ensure that the features you add to your property must be of a limit that attracts potential buyers and also must fetch you good returns. Following are certain features that you must be aware of before investing in your home to prevent any loss.

Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is not a feature to be added if the seller expects to fetch a high price for his property. Adding a swimming pool is considered a luxury but before investing in such an expensive project, it is very essential that you calculate the cost and the long-term value. When you invest in such as feature demanding a higher price for the property, the buyer would consider it as an expense and something that would cost huge for maintenance. A pool could be considered as an investment in your lifestyle, but not as an investment to add value to your home.

Technologically Advanced Features and Facilities

People invest in ultra-modern kitchens and high-end bathrooms with saunas and jacuzzies, but this is not a choice for many homebuyers. These features can enhance the overall value of your property and make it look expensive but also can decrease its complete value as many are not interested in such upgrades. Investing in such things thus makes everything looks great and it generally increases the value of the home, but that is not necessary for every homebuyer. If you install a fully equipped home theatre and if there is no one to use that, then probably, the buyer will not choose the property and look for something without any high-end upgrades.

Invisible Improvements

Investing in invisible stuff that is expensive will make your home more comfortable to live in, but no one will notice or care about it. If you replace the normal utility devices with something very expensive, the home buyer could simply assume that everything in the property is working properly and is in good condition. They will not pay any attention to the newly installed materials within the project.

Landscaping and Gardening

In order to beautify the exterior of a property, the seller tries to make the gardens more presentable. There is nothing wrong with a well-maintained garden, but a highly landscaped garden could cost you more. Both of them are different things as investing in lots of expensive stuff like fountains, cladding, seating areas or other things does not appeal to the majority of home buyers as these require expensive maintenance every now and then. So, a basic makeover that makes the outdoor garden look neat and clean is a far better option.

Prestige Park Grove is a new apartment coming up in Whitefield, Bangalore with plots villas, and apartments.

Features in a home
Akil Yadav

Akil Yadav

Akil Yadav is a seasoned real estate professional with extensive experience in managing and executing successful real estate projects. With a background in architecture and design, He has a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the real estate market.

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