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Pet–Friendly Apartments: What You Need to Know

The all-new futuristic residential property Prestige Park Grove located in Whitefield, Bangalore is one of the finest projects from the Prestige Group. The property is designed elegantly with a blend of sophistication, comfort, and style. The project has exquisitely crafted beautiful homes that are perfect for anyone who craves a wonderful living experience in the massive Bangalore city. The excellent landscape around the property makes it more serene and divine. The property is constructed with brilliant architecture and design. The brilliance of technology and artistic intelligence could be found within every inch of the homes at Prestige Park Grove. The apartments are well spaced and it allows the flow of natural light and air in abundance. The size of homes at Prestige Park Grove ranges in between 600 sq. ft. – 1800 sq. ft. The Vaastu concepts ensure good vibes and aura to the residential community at the property. The property is designed in such a way that it has given more emphasis to a green atmosphere and thus parks and gardens are one of the greatest features of Prestige Park Grove. It has a great number of open areas that is well curated with lush green terrains and quads. The property also includes wide internal roads and pedestal trails.

Pets are the loyal companions which complete a family. Finding a residential apartment if you have pets can become tricky. But there are many pet–friendly apartments available in the real estate market, where you can be with your pet. People love their pets and would have created a bond that is strong than that of normal human relationships. Pets understand our feelings and will never leave our side in happiness and sorrow. Thus, it is unimaginable for someone to live without a loving pet, and for that, they have to find a pet-friendly apartment, that treats the pet just like theirs and has no problem in having them.

The following are certain things that you need to know about pet–friendly apartments.

  1. Finding the Perfect Pet–Friendly Apartment

Today, finding a pet–friendly apartment is not difficult. There are various types of pets – friendly apartments available and you should choose something that makes yourself as well as your pet happy. Some property owners have no problem with having pet animals but some have certain guidelines and charge extra fees if you have pets. You can either choose any apartment depending on other factors. Another fact that you must consider while renting a pet-friendly apartment is how much space you need for your pet and it completely depends on your pet. If you have a large dog, the space required will be larger. All animals have different requirements when coming to their livelihood, so you must choose an apartment that is perfect for your pet animal. Check whether the apartment has any pet parks or look for any nearby parks around. Your pet must be taken for its daily walk and there must be no compromise on this matter. When you come to your final conclusion it is essential that you research the policies of your apartment complex with regard to that pet.

  • Pet-Friendly Features and Amenities

Architectures and designers are incorporating various pet–friendly amenities in apartment buildings. Pet–friendly apartments usually have dog washing stations, grooming stations, day boarding, dog walking services, and communal play area. They even offer social gatherings for the whole residential community of the apartment. They even have communal dog runs and veterinary services. These features will ease your life in your apartment with pets. Apart from this, the pet–friendly apartments provide for separate play areas for dogs and cats. They even have a rooftop that could be changed into a dog park that has special cleaning systems. The fully furnished apartment comes with rooms that feature pet–friendly furniture, custom-built cabinets for food bowls, and nooks with heated window seats. Several apartments also have the provision for a pet pool, which is completely separate and different from that of the people pool. Also, several apartments also have insulation walls and floors to reduce per floors especially the barking of dogs

  • Pet Deposits and Fees

Some property owners will have no issue having pets at their building especially if they are animal lovers. But usually, there are several rules and regulations that the apartment follows. The apartment has the authority and responsibility to collect legal fees from pet owners. A pet deposit is a one–time payment that covers the potential damages a pet may cause to the property. Also, some property owners may collect a one-time fee in exchange for a pet deposit where as others collect the pet rent as a part of the rental agreement. It will be different for different pet owners depending on the breed and size of their pet. The pet deposit and fees are an important part of the rental process and it will be costly depending on the amenities and facilities that the apartment provides. Make sure to review the apartment’s pet policy while looking for apartments.

  • Train Your Pet

Make sure to give your pet basic behavioral training. It is one of the most important aspects of owning a pet. The dogs should be able to listen to the basic commands and respond to them, whereas the cats should never scratch or bolt outside the apartment.

Pet–Friendly Apartments: What You Need to Know
Akil Yadav

Akil Yadav

Akil Yadav is a seasoned real estate professional with extensive experience in managing and executing successful real estate projects. With a background in architecture and design, He has a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the real estate market.

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