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Renting a furnished vs unfurnished property

Furnished apartments: The pros

Moving will go smoothly so, keep your things to a minimum if you move frequently. You won’t own the majority of the large objects in your rental if it is furnished making it simple for you to pick up and move at short notice. Because they will have far less to transport, hiring professionals will also be less expensive. You don’t need the joy of carrying a chair up a set of stairs.

If you’re in a hurry to find a new apartment you should measure your present furnishings before choosing a location that will fit your items. If you have to move on short notice or across the country and are unable to visit your new home before moving day, this could be an issue. Moving in a hurry is easier when you rent a furnished apartment because all you have to do is make an appearance. Prestige Park Grove is an upcoming apartment in Whitefield, Bangalore.

You may be able to negotiate a shorter lease, most furnished apartments don’t demand a one-year contract because they mostly house students and working professionals who move around frequently. You’re generally more likely to look for a furnished apartment if you’re not ready to settle down for a long period of time. They’ll be open to a shorter lease, and you won’t need to make such a large move for a quick residence.

Furnished apartments: The cons

If the furnishings must be paid off somehow, your rent and security deposit may be more. This money your landlord spent to upgrade the unit is not free for you. In order to avoid damage to their expensive furniture, they will likely increase the security deposit and include the cost of the furniture in the rent. 
The majority of your decorating will be out of your control and changing the couch in a furnished flat can be difficult. You could get a new model, but first, you’ll need to decide what to do with the old one and whether your landlord will allow it. You can decorate the space with artwork and other personal touches, but you won’t have full control over how your flat looks. If you care a lot about decoration, this usually isn’t the solution for you because they mostly impact the appearance of the flat.

if you accidentally punch a hole in the wall or your child colors the walls in an unfurnished apartment, you might not get your security deposit back and in a furnished flat, there is a lot more chance to break.

Unfurnished property: pros

Even while rent is less expensive and furnished homes can be very handy, landlords often charge a higher rate for them. Also, because landlords want to reduce the costs associated with potential tenant damage the security deposit for your furnishings may also increase. This could enable you to save money on your rent if you’re on a tight budget and already own your furniture.

Tenants looking for longer leases generally prefer unfurnished apartments. Renting for an extended period of time is more convenient because, if you own your furniture you surely know all the bother that comes with having to transfer it when you shift. As most landlords like the stability that comes with dependable tenants, this is also an excellent method to save a little extra money when renting and you might use it to negotiate a cheaper rent.

You can add your own touches, but the interior decoration preferences of the landlord may not be your style. As just a result, if you’re renting an unfurnished property, you can arrange and position your items any way you like. Not to mention the peace of mind that comes with having your own furniture, as you never know what the previous tenants might have done to the mattress.

Unfurnished property: cons

If you don’t already have your own furnishing you’ll need to adjust your budget to account for this extra cost. For the first renters, it could be particularly expensive since you already have to shoulder the cost of the deposit. Although you can find affordable furniture at flea markets and finding a good deal can take a lot of time. Even if you already have the essentials, you can discover that you still require additional chairs or a sofa. So, consider your choices before renting an unfurnished place as this hidden fee can balance any potential savings.

The standard features in an unfurnished apartment are carpets, drapes, kitchen, and bathroom fittings, as well as major equipment like a fridge or oven. Appliances aren’t usually the standard, so you might find that your unfurnished rental also missing essentials like a washing machine or a microwave. As a result, when choosing a property make sure to go see what is truly included in the rent and plan on buying your own appliances.

If you’re a student or a professional working somewhere temporarily and need to move around a lot, unfurnished apartments are not the ideal option. If you need to leave quickly, it may also cause problems. The furniture itself may be a further problem. You can find a cheap place in a great location, but it might not have enough room for all of your goods.

Furnished vs unfurnished apartments
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