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The Most Preferred Amenities that Buyers Look for While Buying an Apartment

While investing in real estate in any metropolitan city in India, people usually prefer an apartment within a gated community, that offers several amenities to enhance their lifestyle. With this increase in demand for various amenities and facilities by a homeowner, the builder tries to make sure to add every preferred amenity that is been favored by a potential homebuyer.

As people are having busy life these days, they want to spend their life as comfortably as possible, where they can have access to everything they need, without spending more time away from their family or friends. It will be very convenient if they have access to everything under a single roof that will be completely hassle-free. People who have migrated to a new city for their career and for their retirement wish to spend their life in utmost comfort so, they do not have any trouble adjusting to a new environment.

The following are the most preferred amenities that home buyers look for before investing in an apartment.

Kid’s Play Area

The play area for children is one of the most preferred amenities that every homebuyer with a toddler looks for. They are very essential for a child’s growth and development. Even with many indoor entertainment gaming facilities available, parents make sure that their kids spend quality time outside their books and gadgets. With the lack of well-maintained and clean public parks, homebuyers consider this a crucial amenity that helps in the overall physical and mental strength of their children along with their social skills.

Fully Equipped Gymnasium

Having a gymnasium or a fitness center within the apartment could help the people with many things such as no monthly or yearly membership fee along with many others. With the increasingly busy lifestyle, people usually tend to neglect their health. If they have direct access to the gym at the place they live, they do not have to keep extra time and travel to work out at any other place. The residents of the apartment that provide this facility could work out at their preferred time on any day.

Well Equipped Clubhouses

A clubhouse is a place where the members can get access to activities and equipment right under their doorstep. The residents could throw any kind of party and could socialize with their neighbors and can hang out there whenever they want.

Open Space

This is one of the crucial factors that every living space must need. To be healthy and active physically and mentally is more than a personal choice and an open space is a must for people who cannot do tough exercises or hit the gym. Taking a stroll within the community and breathing fresh air is something that anyone would wish for especially in the case of elder people. It will be their daily dose of a stress-free regime. Hence, this is a very important and convenient amenity that a builder must offer.

Allocated Parking Space

With the increase in the number of vehicles that a family owns, it will be very convenient if they are allocated a private space to park their vehicles. This could avoid lots of tensions such as conflicts between neighbors, finding a parking space, and keeping their vehicles safe. This stands at top of the list of many homebuyers, especially if they have more than one vehicle. So, a double parking facility could give the homebuyer peace of mind.

Power Back – up

Power outages are a common problem in every apartment. In order to avoid any problem that occurs due to this, having power back–up equipped within the apartment is preferred by every potential homebuyer these days. Hence this is an essential amenity.


An apartment must have proper security systems installed at every gate. There must be guards monitoring the property every now and then. The builder must have installed CCTV at every vantage point and the apartment must have a track of people visiting at any time. Moreover, the residents must feel secure inside the property, they must be able to leave their personal belongings at their apartment including their vehicles in case of emergencies.

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Akil Yadav

Akil Yadav

Akil Yadav is a seasoned real estate professional with extensive experience in managing and executing successful real estate projects. With a background in architecture and design, He has a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the real estate market.

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