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The Pros and Cons of Living in a Studio Apartment

The most awaited futuristic residential project Prestige Park Grove is located at Whitefield in Bangalore. The project is designed in such a way as to provide both luxury and comfort at a single space. The property is located in a very elegant location and is designed with brilliant architecture and other features. The homes are well spaced and it allows the flow of natural light and air in abundance. The size of homes at Prestige Park Grove ranges in between 600 sq. ft. – 1800 sq. ft. The Vaastu concepts ensure good vibes and aura to the residential community at the property. The property is designed in such a way that it has given more emphasis to a green atmosphere and thus parks and gardens are one of the greatest features of Prestige Park Grove. It has a great number of open areas that are well-curated with lush green terrains and quads. The property also includes wide internal roads and pedestal trails.

A studio apartment or a studio flat is a type of home chosen by working individuals or students at any place. They are also known as RK which is derived from Room and Kitchen. They are compartmentalized so they do not have any extra space for living or sitting areas other than a bedroom and kitchen. They are very compact and efficient, and it will be hard to accommodate more than one person in a studio apartment. They are common among students and individual employers who do not have to take care of such things other than their work and studies. They are a very popular type of housing option today.

Studio apartments are small, compact, and affordable. The major difference between a 1 BHK apartment and a studio apartment are, a studio combines a room, kitchen, and living into a single space, whereas the former gives a separate area for all entities. The only area separated by a door in a studio apartment is the bathroom. They are available as furnished or unfurnished and you could select them according to your preference. They also may have outdoor living spaces.

Following are the pros and cons of living in a studio apartment.

Pros of Living in a Studio Apartment


Compared to all other housing options available in the real estate market, a studio apartment is the cheapest of all. As they are smaller in size, the rent rates are very less compared to that of a 1 BHK apartment in the same area. Having a smaller housing area helps you reduce many maintenance and other costs. What you sacrifice on the rent rates could be used elsewhere if you invest in a studio apartment. Your cost of living is directly influenced by the space. The smaller the apartment the lesser will be your rental rates.

Peaceful and Quiet

If you are someone who likes solitude and isolation then it will be ideal if you choose a studio apartment. You do not have to share your living space with anyone else which will affect your productivity and interest for a lesser cost. You could be relieved from sharing your apartment with your friends if you choose a studio apartment. You will get your own personal space and you have your own freedom in your studio apartment.

Less Clutter

This completely differs according to different persons. Moving into a small studio apartment helps you declutter all your unwanted stuff and let you keep only the necessary things as space permits. You can donate or resell your belongings and could make money out of all the unnecessary things that you own.

You Can Clean it Easily

As the studio apartment has very less space within it, it could be easily cleaned and maintained. The time needed to clean a studio apartment is much less than cleaning any other space. This will benefit the person living in the place as they have very less place to clean, less counter space to scrub, less floor space to vacuum overall very less area to maintain on a daily basis. You don’t have to walk from one place to other in the name of cleaning the apartment and allot the time to any other productive task.

Cons of Living in a Studio Apartment

Less Storage Space

It is a commonly found problem among many studio apartment owners, that they find it hard to have enough storage space within their apartment. This will affect the studio apartment owners in a great way. Without any ample storage space, it will be difficult to keep all the belongings in one place and the studio apartment will look cluttered at times due to this.

Cannot have more People

As the space permit only a very few people inside the apartment, it is hard for you to entertain more people at your home. This may affect your social life. You can’t accommodate more people due to the space limit and you do not have enough space to make any seating arrangements including a new couch or a dining table.

Very Limited Home Appliances

It is very hard to include more home appliances in a studio apartment. You may not have the provision to make space for any necessary appliances that will make your life easier. Due to the very limited place important appliances like washing machines and others could not be included within them.

The Pros and Cons of Living in a Studio Apartment
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