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The Pros and Cons of Living on the Top Floor of the Apartment Building

Prestige Park Grove offers a serene lifestyle in the neighbourhood of Whitefield in Bangalore. The brand-new property features one of the finest residential apartments from the Prestige Group’s both luxury as well as affordable segments. With brilliant architecture and spacious apartments, Prestige Park Grove has all the amenities for comfortable living. The beautiful landscape and environment around the property make it more special and elite. The builder guarantees high-quality living to the residential community at Prestige Park Group All social and civic amenities are developing near the property; hence it assures a hustle-free life.

Whitefield is a prominent residential and commercial neighbourhood of East Bangalore. The locality is famous for its tech parks and residential complexes also rich in shopping and entertainment centres. The locality is well equipped with all the basic amenities including hospitals, schools, colleges, malls and many more. This area has a variety of residential options ranging from basic to high-end luxury options. A well-connected Metro line which passes through Whitefield provides easy access to many parts of the city. Also, the upcoming Purple Metro link will further boost connectivity across the locality. Thus, the residents at Prestige Park Grove get huge benefits from investing in a property at one of the prime locations in the city. This is one of the most preferred localities in East Bangalore by IT professionals and this is another IT hub in the city. Whitefield is well connected to the rest of Bangalore, and it is the main junction between key highways connecting Vizag and Hyderabad. The area is rich in residential apartments, tech parks, entertainment centres, shopping centres and malls. An increasing number of people are choosing to live in Whitefield due to its moderate accommodation price and excellent infrastructure.

When you plan to move into an apartment, there are lots of factors to be considered. From choosing the right location to the right apartment, the list is endless. Among them, there comes another matter that must be highly regarded while moving into an apartment. It is nothing but selecting the apartment floor of your choice. A high–rise apartment comes with many perks and the top floor of the apartment is looked at as well as overlooked by many due to several reasons. From great views to high security, there are benefits and drawbacks to living on various floors of an apartment. By the end of this article, you will get an idea of the pros and cons of living on the top floor of a high-rise tower, which will come in handy when you are confused in reaching a conclusion while deciding on the level of your apartment floor.

Pros and Cons of Living on the Top Floor of the Apartment Building


  • Good Views

One of the main attractions of living on the top floor of an apartment is the view that it offers. The panoramic view from the top floor of any high–rise building cannot be compared with any other thing. If the project is located in a city or a suburb, the view that the top floors will be incredible. If you are someone who wants to wake up to the brilliance of nature and every other thing, living on the top floor might help you.

  • Less Noise

While living on the top floor of an apartment, the residents may rarely need to deal with the noise coming from both outside and inside of the building, especially from the neighbours. If you want a calm and serene environment at the place of your living renting or buying an apartment on the top floor will help you achieve this goal.

  • High Security

One of the main advantages of living on the top floor of a high–rise apartment is that it is safer than the apartments at the lower levels. It is noted after analysing the layouts of the apartment buildings and the built-in security measures they possess, that the basement and the ground level apartments are more prone to criminal attacks and break in than the apartments on the higher level. This way your as well as the life of your loved ones and your belongings will be secured at the top floor of the apartment building.

  • More Natural Light

One of the major factors that any apartment buyer looks forward is to have more natural light in their apartment. The apartments on the top floors are ready to offer this feature which is directly from nature. As they are located on the top floors, they are naturally more exposed to sunlight. This makes your home bright, filled with natural light and good air.

  • Huge Privacy

The people who love to keep their life private and secluded always choose the apartments on the top floors. The higher you choose, there will be people along the stairways and lifts. With fewer or no neighbours sharing the top floor, you can experience the calm and quiet environment that you long for.


  • Difficult to Access

This is one of the major problems that come with living on the top floor of an apartment. If the apartment does not have an elevator, the problem will get more serious. You can use the stairs but, in some cases, while lifting more objects upstairs, taking groceries to your home every day and many other things that occur regularly will fall into trouble when you choose to live on the top floor.

  • Difficult to have Pets

When you are living with your pet on the top floor, you will find it difficult to follow your daily routine walk with your pet. It will take time for you to get downstairs and usually the apartments have a strict policy about pet animals and elevator use. You will be forced to use stairs in some cases. This totally depends on the apartment and will differ from one to another.

  • Limited Emergency Services

When any emergency arises, evacuating from the top floors causes huge trouble. It will create difficulty for you to come out of the apartment if any fire or natural disaster occurs. This factor must be considered hugely as it is a threat to your life.

  • Additional Cost for Rent and Utilities

The apartments on the top floor are usually expensive compared to the other levels. Also, living on the top floor will create more expenses. Especially, there are huge chances for your utility bills to get doubled during extreme climate fluctuations that are during summers when the heat rises.

The Pros and Cons of Living on the Top Floor of the Apartment Building
Akil Yadav

Akil Yadav

Akil Yadav is a seasoned real estate professional with extensive experience in managing and executing successful real estate projects. With a background in architecture and design, He has a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the real estate market.

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