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Your rights as a tenant

Tenant protection is guaranteed by certain laws. Being knowledgeable about your rights as a renter enables you to defend yourself when necessary.

A number of federal, state, and local legislation known as Renters’ Rights are aimed at protecting renters’ rights and preventing rent inequality and overpricing. Also, they give tenants legal options in the event that the landlord allows the building to become unsafe.

A tenant may be either a statutory tenant or a contractual renter. During the duration of the contract, a contractual tenant is someone who utilizes the space and has the right to possession of the space.

But, when a contractual tenant keeps possession after the contract expires, a statutory tenancy is created. Prestige Park Grove will be a great location for tenants to stay and experience a great society.

Given that you chose to extend your tenancy in this case, the rental agreement is immediately renewed for an additional two years and turns anyone from an occupant to a contractual renter. Below is some rights to protect yourselves as a tenant:

Oral consent

If the landlord demands on a verbal tenancy agreement rather than a written one, you can refuse him.

As a tenant, you should be aware that the Tenancy Act requires all agreements lasting 12 months or more to be formalized in writing and registered in order to be eligible for recourse. 

Basic Services

The renter has a fundamental right to use essential services like power and water supply.

Even if the renter has not made rent payments for the same or a different property the landlord does not have the power to end these services.


Your owner is not permitted to enter the rented space at any moment without your permission.

Every renter has the right to keep their personal information private and to live in a quiet home without outside interference, including the landlord. 

Incorrect notice

With a good reason but an excessive deadline, the property owner has no right to demand that you vacate the premises.

The time period specified in the rental agreement is often the period of time that is reasonable under the law.

Illegal duties

The owner of the property is not responsible for any costs associated with performing care on it.

According to the legislation, only the property owner is responsible for paying the costs associated with any maintenance work done to the property. 

Last month settlement

Your property owner has no legal right to ask you to give the rent and not settle it against the security deposit during a notice period.

Return of Deposit

When you leave a rental property, you have the full right to request a reimbursement of the security deposit you paid.

In the event that a renter passes away

Legal heirs of a deceased tenant may not be asked to leave by the property owner without a sufficient reason. Legally, a tenant’s heirs have the right to carry on with the lease until it expires. 

Rent increases

Any landlord is not permitted to request a rent increase that conflicts with the Agreement’s conditions. This is a set formula that almost all Indian states use to determine whether an agreement will end or its rent will grow by a certain amount each year.

Only if the formula is applied, as a tenant, do you have the right to pay the rent increase.

Extended compulsion

The owner of your home does not have the authority to impose a continuous lease. You have the absolute right to vacate the premises as a tenant if there is a good cause. 

With knowledge of these rights, a tenant can enjoy a perfect living at the house. It is worthwhile if some of the important rights of both landlord and the tenant are highlighted in the contract.

A simple step like that can save you from many complaints, lawsuits, and harassment.

Your rights as tenant
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Akil Yadav

Akil Yadav is a seasoned real estate professional with extensive experience in managing and executing successful real estate projects. With a background in architecture and design, He has a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of the real estate market.

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